Shores of Despair | Merit Gogo-Fyneface


Date Published: 17/05/2015
Author: Merit Gogo-Fyneface
Format: ePub
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…..and her twenty-one year old body somersaulted from the balcony hitting the interlocked floor.

Sixtus was the first to hear me scream he came to my aid with his hands on his head and his mouth agape. I hurried down the stair case, running into my mother who was rushing out to inquire what had prompted the wail.

David zoomed immediately out of the gate. I sat in front, beside him, watching Tess’s unconscious body.

‘What happened to her?’ My parents asked almost at the same time.

‘I… She… We…’ I stuttered.

Mother screamed from the hospital entrance, jumping, holding her head as the nurses ran into the hospital with my sister’s body on the stretcher.

To mother, things like these were the devils making but sometimes I felt God knew better.

Days later I saw Tess’s name on tabloids with pathetic captions that made the situation worse than it was. Tess was very beautiful and she had taken into modeling. Whenever I drove past the express way, I saw her smiling on a big signboard, I was proud of her and myself too.

Tess lost the use of her legs after the fall which resulted in a severe fracture that paralyzed her. Initially, she was indifferent but after several timely trips within and outside Nigeria to rectify the situation proved unsuccessful, on her return she ordered Vaduvechi to move her belongings from my room to hers and things were no longer the same.

I had seen disabled people on streets; it never occurred to me that as lively as Tess was, she could fall into that category too. I was very sober for my carelessness which had changed Tess’s life for good.

‘You can kill your mother if you want, but don’t kill my sister,’ Aunt Grace, my mother’s younger sister said, while I stood in the presence of Mother, Father and her. She sounded like she loved my mother more than I did.

Father was calm only darting his eyes towards my direction once in a while, Mother could not find the voice to yell at me, she sobbed and cast angry looks at me when she raised her head from where she had buried them, above her thigh.


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