School of Life | Temiloluwa Ola


Date Published: 20 Jan 2016
Author: Temiloluwa Ola
Format: ePub
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It is a popular saying that when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. I would not have been who I am today if not for the grace of God. I am not one of those who can boldly say that I discovered purpose. I would rather say I stumbled on it or I was forced into it. In August 2004, I was called by my father that I should pack my luggage and come home from one of the State Universities in the South West of Nigeria where I was a first year Law student. I had just been admitted to study the same course in a Federal University. The school fee in the Federal University was cheaper than that of the State University. The Faculty of Law in the Federal University was also highly rated. My parents also believed that I had better opportunities in the Federal University. By the way, the State University was not my first tertiary institution. I had about a year stint as a Mass Communication student at a State Polytechnic.

I faced some challenges while in the State University. First, upon admission, I was taken to my new base by my parents and I was soon to make a shocking discovery that could mar my life. The first things I saw when cleaning the room, being the first to resume, were some bottles of alcohol, a pack of X rated video discs and a wrap of condom. This is a kind of exposure that I was not prepared for. As a young adult, the three things I saw that day was the beginning of temptations. It seems the alcohol bottle was telling me, “this is the freedom you have been waiting for. You can now indulge yourself in hard drinks. This is your time”; the pack of X rated video discs were screaming, “You have had the opportunity to read and imagine how sex will be like. This is the opportunity you have to see it live.” Obviously, the pack of condoms crowned it all up saying to me, “C’mon, you can do all of these things including having sex and still get away with it”. I was drawn and enticed by the lust of my own heart. (You will read about my struggles with lust as a teenager in the 3rd Chapter)

Second, I was in the State University for about eight months but I am not sure I attended church services up to eight times. If the devil wants to destroy a man, he seeks to isolate him from fellowship. The church is important for the sake of fellowship and accountability. It is a safeguard from sin.

Third, I discovered that my generation no longer placed value on sexual purity (abstinence still marriage). I saw different kinds of atrocities asides drinking and pornography. Sex could be solicited for and gotten on a platter of gold. I had never seen it in that manner before. There are folks that you think would never be involved in sexual sins that were also victims.

However, at this point of my life, my dominant thought was “Do not forget the family you are from. You cannot afford to get involved. You cannot afford to disappoint the trust of your parents”. My parents are preachers. They taught us a lot of things as children. I was in an examination situation. I was smelling trouble in its cooked state.


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