About Us

Dookshop is a digital-only platform for all things digital. Our mission is to make mostly Africa accessible to the whole wide world as never before through the use of digital technologies, by making content originally available in traditional media and new forms of digital contents accessible anywhere on the globe primarily by selling, promoting, distributing and licensing these contents.

Dookshop is however not a book publishing company. Rather, we use technology to make predominantly African contents discoverable, accessible and consumable anywhere in the whole wide world. Our modest vision is to be the leading digital-only store for the globe. We continuously endeavour to improve what we do and how we do it, so if you have any feedback, comments or questions, please email us – we will love to read from you.

Name: The Dookshop Limited
RC No: 1059081
TIN No: 14699550-0001
Registered Office Address: 36 Adedeji Obasa Street, Iju-Ishaga, Lagos, Nigeria.